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Lighting the Way to a Brighter

We help schools, christian organizations, and individuals grow their capacity  through consulting & counseling.

Extensive Training & Leadership 

Educational Consulting

  • 28 Years PK-12 Public Education

  • Certified School Counselor

  • Advocate for Families

  • Author

Specializing in

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies

  • Mentoring African-American Males & Hispanic Males

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Positive Race Relationship Building

Faith-Based Counseling

  • 10 Years Christian Counselor

  • Certified Christian Counselor

Specializing In:

  • Social-emotional learning, anger, grief, conflict resolution, depression, anxiety, and relationships

Dr. Lisa Hubbard

Meet Dr. Hubbard

Owner, Brighter Futures Counseling and Consulting

Christian Counselor,

Certified School Counselor

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